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Manage users docker containers and their information.

Update Images

OpenPanel currently provides two Docker images: openpanel_apache and openpanel_nginx, which you can utilize for your users. *Support for LiteSpeed will be introduced in upcoming updates.

The script opencli docker-update_images serves the purpose of verifying the availability of newer images on our Docker registry server. If newer images are found, the script proceeds to download and update the existing Docker images locally.

It's important to note that after updating, the newer Docker images will NOT modify any settings for existing users; the changes will only apply to new user accounts created with the updated images.

To manually check for the availability of newer Docker images, execute the following command:

opencli docker-update_images

In case you encounter any errors, rerun the command with the --debug flag. Subsequently, report the issue along with the debug output to our community forums.

Collect Stats

The collect_stats script periodically checks resource usage for all users using the docker stats command.

For each user, data is logged within their respective folder in JSON files, located in the /usr/local/panel/core/stats/ directory.

By default, the script is configured to operate in the background at 60-minute intervals using a cronjob:

0 * * * * opencli docker-collect_stats

To modify the script's execution time, edit the crontab and adjust the cron schedule as needed to specify the desired execution frequency for the script.

To initiate the manual data collection process, execute the following command:

opencli docker-collect_stats


# opencli docker-collect_stats

Data for stefan written to /usr/local/panel/core/stats/stefan/2023-10-08-09-33-56.json
{"cpu_percent": 0.81, "mem_percent": 13.38, "net_io": "240.5k", "block_io": "409.2k"}
Data for radovan written to /usr/local/panel/core/stats/radovan/2023-10-08-09-33-56.json
{"cpu_percent": 0.01, "mem_percent": 0.02, "net_io": "50.59k", "block_io": "0"}

The docker stats command is a resource-intensive operation that consumes significant host server resources and should be executed sparingly, adhering to the established schedule.


The usage_stats_cleanup script is used by the AdminPanel to rotate the 'Past Resource Usage' data for each user, with the setting specified by the Administrator.

If you need to manually rotate the data run:

opencli docker-usage_stats_cleanup
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