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Hosting Plans

Hosting plans are used to set services and limits for users.

List hosting plans

To list existing plans navigate to Plans page:

openadmin list plans

IDUnique ID for the plan.
NameDisplay name that users will see in their OpenPanel dashboards.
DescriptionVisible only to administrators.
Domains LimitTotal number of domain names allowed per user on the plan.
Websites LimitTotal number of websites (WordPress, NodeJS, Python) per user on the plan.
Disk LimitDisk space allocated for the user's container
Inodes Limit(DEPRECATED) Limits the total number of files allowed in the container.
Database LimitTotal number of MySQL databases allowed per user on the plan.
CPUNumber of CPU cores dedicated to the user on this hosting plan.
RAMPhysical Memory (RAM) in GB allocated to the user on this hosting plan.
Docker ImageName of the Docker image used when creating new accounts on the plan.

Create a plan

To create a new hosting plan click on the 'Create new plan' nutton and set the desired limits for the plan.

openadmin create new plan

Change user plan

Please visit this page

Modify plan

To change plan limits click on the edit button for the plan and set the new limits.

The new limits will be applied immediately to all accounts.

List Users on Plan

To view all users that are currently using a hosting plan, simply sort the users table by that plan name, or in the search fields type the plan name.

Delete Plan

To delete a hosting plan click on the delete button next to the plan name.