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Community edition

Community edition
Regular Features
3 Users, 10 Websites
No Billing Integrations
Discord & Forums
Install command
bash <(curl -sSL  


OpenPanel Community edition is a free hosting control panel for Debian and Ubuntu OS, suitable for VPS and private use.

Key Features:

  • Resource Limiting: Limit CPU, Memory, disk usage and port speed.
  • Multiple WebServers: Each user has a private instance of Nginx or Apache webserver.
  • Select PHP versions: User can install PHP versions, set them on domain-level, edit php.ini.
  • Advanced Configuration: Edit MySQL or Nginx/Apache Configuration, Restart services, and more.
  • File Management: Responsive File Manager with background uploads processing and bulk actions.
  • Autoinstallers: WP Manager, NodeJS and Python Applications.
  • Usage Overview: Detailed resource usage reports and beautiful domain access logs.
  • Detailed Logging: Every user login and interation is logged.

The free version of OpenPanel includes more features than some paid alternatives, and we're proud of that.

We promise that OpenPanel will always have a free version. ✌️💯