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OpenPanel WHMCS Module
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OpenPanel WHMCS Module

OpenPanel WHMCS module allows users to integrate billing automations with their OpenPanel server.

WHMCS module is now available for OpenPanel. Currently supported actions are:

  • ✅ create account
  • ✅ change password
  • ✅ suspend account
  • ✅ unsuspend account
  • ✅ terminate account
  • ✅ autologin from frontend
  • ✅ autologin from backend
  • ❌ get disk usage for account
  • ✅ change package

To setup WHMCS to use your OpenPanel server follow these steps:

  1. Enable API access on OpenPanel server First make sure that API access is enabled by going to OpenAdmin > API or by running opencli config get api from the terminal: enable_api If API is not enabled, click on the "Enable API access" button or from terminal run opencli config update api on.

    We recommend creating new Administrator user for API, to create a new user navigate to OpenAdmin > OpenAdmin Settings and create new admin user, or from terminal run: opencli admin new USERNAME_HERE PASSWORD_HERE

  2. Install OpenPanel WHMC Module Login to SSH for WHMCS server Navigate to path_to_whmcs/modules/servers Run this command to create a new folder and in it download the module: git clone openpanel

  3. Establish connection between the two servers On OpenPanel server make sure that the OpenAdmin port 2087 is open on OpenAdmin > Firewall or whitelist the IP adress of your WHMCS server. to whitelist ip address from terminal run: ufw allow from WHMCS_IP_HERE

    On WHMCS server also make sure that the 2087 port is opened or whitelist the IP address of your OpenPanel server. From WHMS navigate to: System Settings > Products & Services > Servers screenshot Click on Create New Server and under module select OpenPanel then add OpenPanel server IP, username and password for the OpenAdmin panel: create_whmcs_group

  4. Create hosting packages Hosting packages need to be created on both OpenPanel and WHMCS servers. On OpenPanel server login to admin panel and on OpenAdmin > Plans create hosting packages that you will be assinging to users on WHMCS.

    On the WHMCS server create first a new group and then create new plans under this group. When creating products, make sure to select OpenPanel for Module and the newly created group screenshot2

  5. Test creating new accounts Create an order and create a new order to test OpenPanel API.

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