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The OpenPanel interface is the central hub of your user account, providing access to all available tools, usage information, and notifications.

The OpenPanel dashboard interface is divided in two sections:

  • Features: listing all available options
  • Widgets: 2FA, Statistics, and How-to guides

Server Information & Statistics

This section displays general server information and current usage for the account.

  • Shared or Dedicated IP address
  • Last login IP address
  • Nameservers (if enabled)
  • Hosting plan
  • Number of websites
  • Number of domains
  • Number of MySQL databases
  • Current disk usage
  • Current inodes usage
  • Current CPU % usage
  • Current RAM usage

How-to Guides

If enabled, the How-to guides section will display links to articles from the hosting providers knowledgebase RSS feed or the official OpenPanel documentation.

Keyboard Shortcuts

OpenPanel includes keyboard shortcuts to navigate the interface, and you can access them by pressing Shift + K. These shortcuts are categorized into Global Shortcuts, applicable across all pages, and page-specific shortcuts that function exclusively on the current page. For instance, while using the File Manager, you'll find shortcuts dedicated to file management that are not applicable on other pages.

keyboard shortcuts

Available Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Global Shortcuts:
Shift + HDashboard
Shift + WWordPress
Shift + FFile Manager
Shift + BDatabases
Shift + PphpMyAdmin
Shift + DDomains
Shift + QActivity
Shift + YUsage
Shift + SSettings
  • File Manager Shortcuts:
Shift + ASelect All
Shift + NCreate a New Folder
Shift + UUpload Files
Shift + CCopy Files
Shift + MMove Files
DELETEDelete File
Shift + VView File
Shift + EEdit File
Shift + RRename Files
Shift + ZCompress Files
Shift + XExtract Files
Shift + FHome
  • Resource Usage Shortcuts:
Shift + CCurrent Resource Usage
Shift + OHistorical (older) Usage
Shift + LView logs