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Not yet released.

🚀 New features

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fixed bugs on OpenAdmin > Users > Profile and OpenPanel > Dashboard with disk usage information not displayed when overlay2 storage driver is used.
  • Fixed bug with File Watcher service causing infinite OpenAdmin service restart on Ubuntu24.
  • Fixed bug with File Watcher service failing to generate SSL for new nginx conf files.
  • Fixed bug with OpenAdmin > Firewall > Blacklists (IPsets) causing ufw reload command to fail - reported by @f1lk3.
  • Fixed bug with opencli config update command not restarting OpenPanel docker container *(introduced in OpenPanel 0.2.1).
  • Fixed bug with redis installation failing due to "noble" lsb_release added in Redis Stack.
  • Fixed error 'Error stoping service panel: Failed to stop panel.service: Unit panel.service not loaded.' when managing panel service from OpenAdmin > Dashboard page.
  • Fixed bug with opencli admin notifications not saving resource usgae tresholds.

💅 Polish

  • OpenPanel > WPManager > Install WordPress form now has prefilled email address.
  • When new domain is added, OpenPanel will automatically check SSL for all other doamins owned by the user and regenerate the ssl information for OpenPanel > SSL page.

Sentinel CLI

Sentinel - our AI powered service that automatically monitors your server, performs autonomous desisitions and notifies you, now has a cli interface!

sentinel openpanel cli

Other improvements to the Sentinel AI include:

  • DNS Checks to amke sure that configured anmeservers and hostname have correct DNS.
  • Integration with AbuseIPDB service.
  • Summary reports.

Usage Reports

If email alerts are enabled, daily usage reports are generated:

daily usage report


New command opencli domains-dnssec is available and allows administrators to enable DNSSEC, re-sign the zone and view DS records for domains.

  • to enable dnssec for :

    opencli domains-dnssec
  • to update the zone after publishing new records:

    opencli domains-dnssec --update
  • to check if domain has dnssec enabled and view DS records:

    opencli domains-dnssec --check

Please note that this feature is still experimental and there is still no UI for it in OpenPanel interface.


Added an option to run a shared phpMyAdmin service accessible on a custom domain, allowing login for all MySQL users of OpenPanel. This service contradicts OpenPanel's usual setup where each user has independent services, but it was requested by a few users, so we decided to implement it. It remains disabled by default.

To enable the shared phpMyAdmin service, first set the URL where it will be accessible. For example:

opencli config update pma_url

Then enable the phpMyAdmin service for all users:

opencli phpmyadmin --enable

This will start the phpMyAdmin service, configure an nginx reverse proxy for the domain, and generate an SSL certificate if using HTTPS.


To disable the service:

opencli phpmyadmin --disable

If enabled, the auto-login option from OpenPanel will no longer work. Instead, each user must use a username and password to log in to phpMyAdmin.

NOTE: OpenPanel user must enable RemoteMySQL for his mysql users to be able to use the phpMyAdmin service.

If this shared service is enabled, we recommend removing phpmyadmin from the Dockerfiles and rebuilding the images. This will save you up to 250MB per OpenPanel user.

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